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Welcome to Our Backyard

It was disappointing when we had to close down a few weeks ago, and cancel our Winter Camps.

But our teaching team sat down and came up with a great idea! We had to have a program that would be still offering our values of free play, forest learning and be children oriented. And at the same time, we needed to follow the distancing rules. So, their task was not easy at all. But they made it!

And that is how the Backyard Explorers were born!

In this program, families pick up a map with activities spread around and independently explore them in our campus. We, our instructors, are in the area too, but not getting involved unless there is any problem. There is no gathering and no led program. And still, it is very HKFA!

We don’t know how about you, but we are very proud and excited about this new baby in our family of programs!

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the rules to allow us to get back to our regular classes. You, the parents, have been messaging us constantly about them. We all have to wait but rest assured that we all are looking forward to them, too!

We strongly believe that 2021 will be a much better year than 2020 and can’t wait to see you back!

Meanwhile, you are hereby invited to explore our backyard!

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Lacey Fowler
Lacey Fowler
08 sept. 2021

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