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Frequently Asked Questions

We often get similar questions asked by parents, so we have compiled them here for your easy navigating. 

Our Programs
What is the language of instruction?

Each adventure has both English-speaking and Cantonese-speaking teachers.  


How many students do you take?

It varies by adventure. Our Play852 and Weekend Adventures are normally smaller with only 8-16 children per class. Our Holiday adventures generally have 12-30 students.


What’s the student:teacher ratio?

We generally keep the ratio to 6 students to 1 teacher or lower.  

My daughter has school at 1:30 pm in Kowloon Tong. Would we able to make it to school on time if we join the PLAY852 morning session?"
Yes, our morning session ends at 12 pm so you have plenty of time to get to school. Our campus is within 5 min walking distance from Tai Shui Hang MTR station. And from Tai Shui Hang station to Kowloon Tong station, it typically takes 15-20 min. If you're driving or going by taxi/Uber, we are located next to the freeway so heading to Kowloon Tong takes about 15 min.

Useful tips:

1) Bring your child's school uniform and bag along so he or she can change into after the play session. We also have a handheld shower head that you can use,

2) Pack a lunch. Enjoy a nice picnic lunch in the forest before heading to school,

3) Come with a classmate or two. You can share a cab or Uber to school.

What's the difference between Forest Play on Friday and PLAY852?
Forest Play on Friday is like our signature forest play program we run on the weekends. We depart from our Tai Shui Hang campus at 10 am and we go on long hikes and play in the forest. The adventure ends at 3 pm. The kids who attend tend to be a bit more experienced in hiking. And lots of them are kindergarteners who take a day off from school to join this program. 

PLAY852 is a shorter 2 hr or 3 hr session during which the kids play in the Dungeon and also go on walks on nearby trails. It's perfect for younger kids who may not be ready for full day hikes (especially those who still need their midday naps). We have three sessions during the day: 2 hr session from 10 am to 12 pm or 2 pm to 4 pm and 3 hr session from 10 am to 1 pm. Kindergarteners can attend before or after school. Pre-kindergarteners can be exposed to nature at a young age. 



Where are your adventures held?

Play852 and some of our Weekend Adventures are held at our Tai Shui Hang site at 12D Tai Shui Hang North Road, Tai Shui Hang Village. Other adventures take place at various nature parks. Please check the information page for each adventure.


How do I get to to the Tai Shui Hang site?

By CAR: There is meter parking at the village entrance. 12D Tai Shui Hang North Road, Tai Shui Hang Village see map here.

WALKING:  Our site is a few minutes walk from MTR station, bus stops and a parking lot. Closest MTR station is Tai Shui Hang Station. Follow Exit B to get to Tai Shui Hang Village. There are lots of bus options.  Click here and download our map,

Do you provide bus transportation?

Play852 & Adventure Playground:

We do not provide bus transportation. Please see map for directions to our Tai Shui Hang site.

Weekend Adventures/Holiday Adventures:

Some of our Adventures take place at nature parks. Please check the information page for each adventure. Our bus departs from Kowloon Tong MTR exit D. Please be there 15 min before departure time. If for any reason you choose not to take the bus or meet us at the location, the price still remains the same, and please let us know in advance

Signing Up and Payment

How do I sign up and pay you?

We use an online booking system which you can find here. If you are having any trouble using it, download this helpful troubleshooting document.

How do I pay you?

We accept Credit Card and PayPal. At the end of the signup process, you will see the option to pay online through PayPal. Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account. You will be directed to PayPal where you can input your credit card or PayPal information. Your selected appointment time will be reserved for 20 minutes in order for you to complete payment.  Once you've completed the payment, your spot is confirmed.


If you have trouble paying online, you can deposit the fee into our Bank of China bank account. Please contact us at


How do I know if there are any opening spots for a particular adventure on a particular date(s)?

To see our opening, please visit our scheduling page: Click on the adventure and the date your are interested in. If a time slot has been crossed out, there’s no opening. If you want to get on the waiting list, please contact us at

I need to reschedule. How do I do it?

We don’t allow rescheduling for most of our adventures. For programs that we allow rescheduling, it is subject to availability. Please contact us at



Still have questions? Feel free to ask! Contact us.

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