The HK Forest Adventures, (formally known as the HK Forest Kindergarten) is an outdoor nature-based developmental program for Children. We specialize in taking toddlers and young children, into the Forest to play. We are an "all-weather" activities company, meaning we play outside regardless of the weather, if it's hot we play in the water! If it rains, we play in the mud and the puddles. Our activities are child-led and not program or curriculum driven. We are 100% play focused.


Connect with Nature. Develop Confidence & Courage. Build Character.

It's a time to connect with nature and learn about the natural wonders in Hong Kong. Through play, our kids learn to be confident, independent, curious, creative, prudent, persistent and courageous, and they develop many more character strengths. It is a time to relax and unwind.

An All-Weather Adventure

It is an all-weather adventure; we mostly play outside regardless of the elements. If it's hot we play in the water! If it rains, we play in the mud and the puddles. And if it's cold we dress-up warm and run around.


Child-Directed & Play-Based

Our sessions are child-led and we are 100% play focused. We do not follow a particular curriculum.


Small Class Size with Highly Qualified Teachers

We keep our classes small with a maximum of 8-12 kids so that our experienced early childhood educators can attend to your child's developmental needs. Learn more about our team of superhero teachers here.


Each class has at least two teachers: one English speaking teacher, and one Cantonese speaking teacher.

About Us

Meet The Team

We have passionate and experienced staff, who all bring unique expertise to the team.

Not only are they beloved by all children, but by the parents too. 

Danie Strydom

Danie is brilliant with children and one of the very best early childhood educators in Hong Kong and around the world. He grew up in South Africa on a farm where he hardly ever wore shoes and played outside as often and as long as he possibly could.  As a child, he dreamed about being stranded on an Island like Robinson Crusoe, or running away from home and having similar adventures as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.  He is a carpenter by trade and horse-trainer by profession.  He has taught, traveled and worked with children and young people in over 50 countries of the World for the last 27 years. 

Diana Wong

Diana has more than 30 years of teaching at kindergartens, including Victoria Kindergarten where she was the Vice-Principal of its Shanghai branch. She also has extensive experience in curriculum design. When Victoria Kindergarten first set up its branches in Shanghai, she helped to localize the Hong Kong curriculum and trained the local teachers on project approach teaching. She is passionate about working with young children, and thus has partnered with Danie to start HK Forest Adventures. 



Ida has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. She is also very popular among children. One of her special powers is being good at catching fish and frogs because her dad is a fishmonger. During school holidays, the entire family used to help him.  She grew up  near the Maclehose Trail so nature is like a second home to her. 



Jen has been working with kids in Hong Kong for over 20 years. She grew up in New Zealand where she could usually be found catching lizards or at the top of a tree. She is on a mission to bring barefoot, outdoor play to kids everywhere!



Veronika moved to Hong Kong from the Czech Republic for one year, and 6 years later she is still here. She studied education for her degrees and is a big fan of Summer hill and self-directed education. She misses green hills and high mountains a lot, so she regularly spends several days per year in a forest cottage, without electricity, just with a campfire and open sky.  

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