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What to Bring With

We are so excited that you are about to start our adventures! However, before they begin, please bring along the following:

• Please wear light but long sleeve shirts and pants to help prevent mosquito bites. (Please no shorts and t-shirts)

• Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

• Bring your own snack/lunch and water: after a lot of play and adventure, little tummies get really hungry, Make sure you have something to full them up on!  We will top the bottle up if needed.

 Closed-toe water shoes. For both you and the kids.

• An extra set of dry clothes. 

• A towel to dry yourself, from fun in the rain or the river.

• Mosquito repellent (all year round).

• A hat and sunscreen.

• The weather is really unpredictable. So please bring a raincoat for both you and your child.


Extra things in your backpack under COVID-19:

In light of the news and the renewed cases of Covid-19 in Hong Kong, we know that a lot of our parents are super concerned about the new outbreaks this last week. For all our camps, we will check temperatures, make sure the kids wash their hands, and wear masks.


At least 2 extra masks - In case the mask gets wet. (For both you and the kids if you will stay with your kid.)

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