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What to Bring With

We are so excited that you are about to start our adventures! However, before they begin, please bring along the following:

• Please wear light but long sleeve shirts and pants to help prevent mosquito bites. (Please no shorts and t-shirts)

• Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

• Bring your own snack/lunch and water: after a lot of play and adventure, little tummies get really hungry, Make sure you have something to full them up on!  We will top the bottle up if needed.

 Closed-toe water shoes. For both you and the kids.

• An extra set of dry clothes. 

• A towel to dry yourself, from fun in the rain or the river.

• Mosquito repellent (all year round).

• A hat and sunscreen.

• The weather is really unpredictable. So please bring a raincoat for both you and your child.


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