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Blowing Bubbles: Monster Activity for Young Kids

Blowing Bubbles: Monster Activity for Young Kids

Is rainy spring weather keeping you at home or have you already been to Ocean Park and want to rest a bit inside this time?

We have another idea of what you can do at home with your little one(s)!

This time, we are going to create a monster. But instead of painting it directly, we will blow colorful bubbles. It is easy, creative, and playful!

Step 1, draw or let your child draw a monster face on a big piece of paper. Since there will be a lot of water involved, you need to use a permanent marker or some kind of water-resistant pen.

Step 2, have colors ready. Watercolors work well, just make sure they are watered down to be liquid in the sense that can be dripped on the paper. Make sure also that the colors are vibrant enough, not just slightly greywater:)

Step 3, after you have the monster’s face (or a few of them) ready, your little one drops few drops of the watered paint around for the hair and fur. A spoon is a great tool for that!

Step 4, here it comes! Get straws or just roll a piece of paper to make them, and your kid can start blowing the colorful drops around the paper.

Step 5, watch your kids go all artistic and creative in mixing the paths of paints and directions of the colors blobs on paper!

Hope you enjoy this little relaxing session of monster art! If you would like to share the results with us, please send us the photo by email or Facebook/Instagram!

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