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Some of our playground projects

wood pattern - small.jpg

Christian Nationals' Evangelism Commission Ta Tung School in Kwai Chung

In the past, we took on some seriously huge and demanding projects. But that was nothing in comparison to this one! 

We built an Ark!  

For the Ta Tung School we built a huge boat, on wheels, that is fully movable. It will be used as a classroom and playground.  Uncle Danie, who is the captain of this building, decided to also add some playful elements as usual. You can see there are play trollies there, and they also double shade trollies! We tried to make them look super comfortable and also like a tempting hiding spot.

This was a great project! To finish it, we also renovated the reception of the school. 


Eminent EIS International Preschool in Yung Long

Working with the Eminent Preschool, we really let our inner child dream big. We would love to play here! This was a huge project, where we first prepared the land and then created a playground and a garden. Kids will spend so much time outdoors in this preschool, and we prepared for them so many hidden treasures to explore and play with!  There is also a "Wild Classroom", where we would definitely love to learn!   

Ramp (1).jpg

We are very proud of the spiral ramp. It started as a tiny stick figure model, but now it is a huge wooden playground! After 2 months of work, we could not wait to see the kids' amazement. 


Mud Kitchen; favorite part of our playgrounds


Mud kitchen is our pride and it is loved by all the kids, boys and girls. We encourage children to get their hands dirty, play with water and the soil. Although there is running water and movable parts, children's imagination will do most of the magic here.   


Harrow International School in Tuen Mun


For Harrow School, we made several climbing patterns. Check out our spiral climbing tower! We also added a few multifunctional elements, such as the hiding tent or a podium with blackboards. We could not forget the mud kitchen, too!


Shatin College in Sha Tin

For Sha Tin College playground we built big wooden cupboards and equipped them with loose parts for play. Those are typical contents of our playground and the reason why kids love them so much. They can build, rebuild, change any setting, so each time there is a unique, new playground. Most importantly, playground that is built by the children, not by adults. 

Among the loose parts, you can find ladders, slides, blocks, tubes, balls, etc.  

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