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The Easter Forest Adventures

The Easter Camps were so popular, that within a very short time from opening the booking, the spots were gone. We know that many of you did not get in and we were limited in terms of how many spots we could open because of the social distancing rules, but we will organize more camps as soon as possible! These ones, however, were a blast!

In the Easter Wild @ Heart kids enjoyed a spring-themed adrenalin adventure. The weather was perfect for some water fun, and to keep ourselves cool too, we learned how to build a habitation.

HANDS Camp exploded! Literally, we learned about and discovered the Vulcano eruption and we became crafters and creators. All together with some survival skills and free play sessions.

Our Science camp was a STEM session outside of a classroom! We explored, built, and crashed things, we played with and around science and we did not stop being creative and curious. Of course, the animals around the campus helped us too to see the world from a different perspective of science.

And finally, our Half Day Camp welcomed all those who could not spend the entire 3 days with us, or maybe who was a bit too shy to do so. We rode the zipline, went on a hike, and took art to another level when we tried (and excelled) in cave painting!

Thank you all for coming and joining us in the Easter Holidays, our camps will be back soon again!

Yours HKFA Team

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