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Programs for schools

Come visit us with your class! For schools, we offer programs that are either a taste of what we do, or programs that are designed specifically to fit the curriculum requirements of the class. We are also happy to come to your school with our playground! 

How does it work?

Please reach out to us via phone or email. We will discuss with you what kind of program would fit your class the best. Once the class is here, we will divide them into groups of 12-15 students. 

What is the duration?

Usually 2-3 hours. The duration depends on whether the class will have lunch on the campus, or only a snack. The time is divided into 45-minutes sessions of play. For each session, groups of students will play with the loose parts of our playground, enjoy the rope activities, play in the river, etc. We prefer to have the class with us for 2,5-3 hours.

What is the age requirement?

We welcome mainly 3-8 years old children.

What is the content of the program?

If the schools do not have specific requirements, we offer our basic program. It consists of several sessions: play with the loose parts of our playground, river: natural play on the rocks, catching fish etc., and a rope course.  Students may also try tinkering and build with us a car or a robot!

If there is a specific requirement, we will scaffold a program around it. Kids will get the opportunity to create play in the environment of their curriculum. Naturally, they will play in the sun and water, in such a different environment from their regular school days.

We can also go to the class directly if the school prefers so. We will take our playground with us. Here we suggest a longer time of the program, to allow the traveling. Children will play with wooden boxes, ladders, tubes, balls, etc. Our playground is mobile, tactile, and encourages creativity, as the children can change it, rebuild it completely in endless possibilities. Read more about our playgrounds here.

HK Forest Adventure_School Proposal.pptx.png
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HK Forest Adventure_School Proposal.pptx.jpg
HK Forest Adventure_School Proposal.pptx (3).jpg
HK Forest Adventure_School Proposal.pptx (4).jpg

Tailored program

The program is tailored according to the curriculum needs 


Basic program

We offer a basic program,

a full experience of our campus


We bring our program

to your school

New! We will bring our playground to the school

Reach out to us to discuss more!

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