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Tired?! I feel like a child again! Meeting with Auntie Diana

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Auntie Diana may be the first person you meet when you arrive at our campus building. She is positive, often joking around and looking very relaxed as if she just had a nice chocolate cake.

Was I astonished to find out that Diana actually holds a very successful career in early childhood education, working as a Vice-Principal at the Victoria Kindergarten. After 30 years of experience in kindergartens, she finds herself in the middle of the hills, river, and rope courses.

Diana is very keen to chat:

“My friends told me: Diana, you are not 20 anymore and you are here with the kids in the water and then hiking and then climbing. Doesn’t it make you tired?”

She smiled brightly: “No!”

“I am playing with the children. I am not tired, I have more energy! I feel like I am a kid again! All the kids teach me so many things.”

Being a teacher at HKFA must be a very different reality from being a teacher at a kindergarten. Here, activities are children-led. Teachers rather observe and step back from the children. Watching what the child’s imagination and creativity can do without interfering must be eye-opening.

In turned out, even for somebody as seasoned as our Diana.

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