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Jungle Learning

There is this thing about forest learning: when you search this keyword, you will get pictures of old trees, children playing in the treehouses or in the meadow. Both children and instructors are busy getting to know their forest, exploring bugs and moss on the trees.

But then, we have a completely different forest in Hong Kong!

In the UK, forest learning is a big stream among education, and teachers are being certified in forest learning more frequently than ever. The benefits of this approach and its urgency in today’s world are obvious. We have spoken to some of these teachers, who relocated to Hong Kong for work. Here, they found out, their forest learning certification needs quite an update!

Hong Kong’s forest is rather a jungle. It is dense and a home of snakes, centipedes, spiders… you name them - we have them! It is still a magical place, but the magic is totally different from a Celtic-like oak grove. The level of danger as well as the needed knowledge of the instructors is of another level.

HKFA instructors are experienced and trained in our jungle forest learning :) We even invite specialists in insects and animals, to bring the kids closer to nature here. There is no reason to be afraid when with us! The forest, with all its inhabitants and secrets, is still our favorite outdoor classroom.

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