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New Zipline! And Other Additions to Our Playground

A few weeks ago we have asked you what do you miss at our playground.

One of the parents said: A treehouse!

It was by coincidence that we were actually really building a treehouse!

The new lockdown and social distancing rules made it difficult for us to run our programs as usual, so we had to adapt. We came with the new Backyard programs series and we believe you enjoy them a lot since they are often fully booked. This Winter was not easy for us, but it has pushed us to work and think in a different way. Our program team came with the Backyard Explorers idea and our playground building team focused their effort on the further side of the river.

If you have not visited us in a while, you will be so surprised to see what grew up there! We indeed have a treehouse now, actually a few of them. We built several platforms on the trees, of course not too high so the little ones can still climb there. We also connected two platforms with a rope bridge, but we bet you have never seen such a rope bridge before! It is not made of ropes, but it is shaky as much! Lots of fun trying to cross it!

We also have a climbing wall now! And we added a swing!

We don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, so come and see what all is there new!

But we can reveal since we all love flying in the air, that we built a new, forest zipline. This one is perfectly fine even for the little kids below 100cm. That means that any kid can now join our ziplining programs! If they are over 100cm, they can ride the big river one. For the others, the forest one is awaiting!

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