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Playing in the Rain

You often ask us whether we cancel the session if it is raining. We understand that in Hong Kong, it may be a shock when we say: No! We keep playing in the rain!

Of course, if the wind is so strong you need to grab your kids by ankles to prevent them to fly away, or there is a storm, we do cancel our programs.

But if it is just raining, we encourage the kids to keep playing. At HKFA, we teach the children about the forest, nature and how to be friends with it. Weather is a big part of nature. Without rain, there are no beautiful flowers and so we want our kids to understand that the rain is a friend too. Here is more about our pedagogy.

The kids usually have no problem with the water. In fact, they like it! It is often something new for them, to be let play in the rain and in the mud.

Mud, a great side effect of the rain! Mud is great not only for sharping their motor skills and imagination, but it also helps boost their health, including mental health.

Let your kids get dirty, get wet, and get happy!

They will change into a dry t-shirt soon after the session is done, so do not worry. On the opposite, we would welcome you under the gutter too!

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