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The Zipline: A Learning Tool or Just Fun?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The magical word. The one-that-cannot-be-named. The Zipline. Once we pronounce it aloud, the children go crazy. Because it is just so much fun!

But is there any educational benefit from the zipline?

You know us well by now, and so you probably guess that there are a number of things that we teach through the zipline.

First of all, riding the zipline is scary! Maybe not for you, mom and dad, but if you are as little as your child, the distance ridden and the depth below are breathtaking. It is a great moment therefore, to teach about fear and bravery.

Second, the zipline is very attractive. Everyone wants to ride it first. We teach how to wait and be patient. It is easy to do in the sand pit or at the mud kitchen, but with the zipline, the temptation is so high! For some, this can be a big challenge.

Third, we let children put on their own harnesses. Of course we check and control everything! But we put some of the responsibility on children. Some kids are deeply flattered by this. They are proud they can handle such an adult task and even help their friends. It is truly not an easy task for their small fingers! It takes a good portion of fine motor skills.

Fourth, we teach kids how to encounter danger. There is the rope flying behind the seat, iron wire, buckles, risk of falling (don’t worry, not really!) etc. We do not tell the kids to sit down and hold hands. We know that the risk is very minimal, we are there and have things under control. But in their minds (and parents’ too, sometimes) it is dangerous. Children see we trust them and give them enough space to encounter the risks with a healthy approach, instead of trying to avoid them. That is a big life lesson, don’t you think?

And finally, of course, it is a memorable fun experience! We could not forget this one!

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