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Making Autumn Programs

This Autumn was like a homecoming for us. In September, we were watching all the government updates and waiting for a green light to open the campus again. We were excited to start but also nervous - what if we have to postpone for another month, or two?

When the good news came, we had no time to celebrate! We were busy working on the programs; our teaching team put heads together to come with quality sessions for you, that could satisfy all the kids and parents waiting behind our doors. Then, we pass that all to our designer to create the beautiful Autumn banner you know from our website, which is hand-painted. Next, another member of ours created website pages with graphics, and got the booking system ready. Finally, we could spread the news on the Facebook and Instagram!

While our little friends started to come back to our campus, we had to deal with the whole post-summer camps situation. It was not easy at all, as we had to deal (and still are dealing) with 400 families. After a long brain-breaker, we created a complex system of vouchers. The real problem was that we were limited by the technical side of our booking system, and there was no way around. After we were sure we got the best solution that would work for the majority of parents, the long days of the administration, manual handwriting of hundreds of voucher codes, and piles of emails started. We could not satisfy everyone, but still were so touched by the big number of positive messages from you, the parents!

In October, it was the right time to organize a camp again! Our team got so excited that all the ideas did not even make it to the final programs’ list! The difficulty we had to face was however from the side of the schools. Since a big group of kids were back to schools again, we wanted to adjust the dates of the camp to the schools’ holiday. Nevertheless, each school had its own time for the break. In the end, we were able to chose a quite good time for the camps. Don't worry! If you could not get in, we are going to organize more very soon!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is behind us, we hope you had a good one, even with all the restrictions. Halloween is coming and we must admit we did not expect such big demand for our Halloween programs. They are all full!

Autumn was a really busy-happy-excited-homecoming-good time for us. And we are glad that you are on board! Thank you for your support!

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