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Is Water Play Just Splashing Around?

In one of the previous posts, we introduced the zipline to you, respectively the educational tools it provides. We are glad you liked that post a lot! Today, we ride the same wave and would like to tell you more about our water play.

Playing in the water is one of the core activities we offer. It can take the form of free play on the shore, as well as playing with the floaties or constructing an underwater system with plastic tubes.

Water play brings all the benefits of the typical free play:

  • Boost immune system

  • Develop creativity and self-confidence

  • Develop motor skills

  • Activate mind and strengthen body

  • Teach about leadership and communication

But the element of water also provides new factors that make the entire play so exciting and special.

  • Water teaches the basics of physics, or if you wish, about the “world around us”

  • Water is a new element that can serve as an ice breaker for children who are shy or who otherwise have trouble getting involved in the play

  • Water is constantly moving, which changes the game and brings surprises. Children have to react to the changes and use their problem-solving skills

  • Water is a great teacher in terms of nature: the plants, the fish, the wet and dry, all the creatures that we can observe or catch (and then let go)

  • Water is also a bit scary and going into the stream takes some courage! Bravery, risk encounter, and cheering each other is what we learn here.

So what are you waiting for? Change into your old running shoes and come catch some fish with us!

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