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Easter Craft With Eggshells

The spring is here and the typical symbol of Easter is an egg. Are you ready for some easy craft with eggshells that can help your child learn more about the process of growing, and let your family spend some good time together, too?

You will need an egg, soil, some grass seeds and a permanent marker.

  1. Boil the egg and once it has cooled down, chop the top off. You can still use the entire egg, where the top part is kind of a hat on the top. Or you can just use the bottom (bigger) part.

  2. Stuff the empty shell with soil, a big portion of grass seeds, and a thinner layer of the soil again

  3. Draw, or let your child draw, a face on the shell. If you are looking for a very Easter craft, you may go for a bunny!

  4. Water the shell and keep watering it every day.

  5. In about 3 days you will start to see the grass grow.

  6. Cut the grass into shapes or put a nice ribbon on! Make sure to give your little grass pot some love and water every day, while you observe it grows.


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