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Do Not Keep Kids in the Boxes

It’s amazing to see all the little visitors coming to our campus every day. Sometimes, we see them every week, sometimes they are completely new.

We hope we could explain our philosophy and values to the parents, but still, there are days you can see the wonder in their eyes.

Because in some way, we are not what they expected.

For example last week. One mom called us to ask if her son could join the program and then she listed several “diagnoses” such as being naughty, energetic, can’t-stop-moving. Or another day, it may be shy, or too passive.

Dear parents, we know you mean well. But please do not try to bring your child with labels on. We threw away the label maker a long time ago! Let them just come in and be THEM.

Because often, you may be surprised. When the children don’t need to sit still in the classroom and fit the boxes of expectations, magic happens. They may run and move, climb and swim. We have seen children who can’t focus to get emerged in an activity for dozens of minutes. We have seen shy children who don’t talk, to suddenly open up over something that catches their interest, such as a tiny bug.

We have seen kids getting off their shoes together with all the labels they are usually wearing, and just being kids.

That’s why we love our job.

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