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Mixing Up Different Ages

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

One of our rules as instructors is to step back. Step back, watch and listen, be ready to help or to protect the child. So we see things. And we especially love to observe how children behave to each other.

For example, there is sometimes fear from the parents, that their child is older/younger than the rest of the group. Children are usually grouped together by their age, a typical example is a kindergarten or a school classroom. We do have our programs limited by upper and lower age too, but the diversity is still significant.

Take our Play 852. It is our most versatile program where a 7yo can easily meet with a 2yo. Those are two totally different worlds!

Being with children of various ages is a great learning environment. We, adults, too enjoy having some younger and older friends. Our children likewise become natural mentors to the younger ones, protectors, and guides. It gives them a new feeling of responsibility, and they have someone to look up to them. And being younger among older kids, that is such a tempting challenge!

Children learn by teaching and following. In fact, this is a very valuable lesson for the future too, because once the school is over, a young adult is welcomed by a society that is not age-differentiated anymore.

Are you with us?

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