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One Fearful Bug Hunt

Running around with a magnifying glass is part of the way how we teach children to love and explore nature. Some of the insects living in Hong Kong may be scary, and catching a bug or a little spider and looking at it from a different perspective helps us to become friends with these tiny creatures. Letting them go is also a favorite part of the whole experience. Often, we catch a bug, but we let go of a bug named John, a new friend of ours.

And, well, sometimes it doesn’t go so well.

A.B. once led a group of kids, looking for bugs. Each kid was equipped with the magnifying box and enthusiasm. One boy, suddenly owning much more enthusiasm than the other kids, run to A.B. really happily and proclaimed: “Look what I caught!” and proudly showed his box.

Inside the box, there was a hornet bigger than the boy’s hand, angrily hitting the walls and ready to fight with absolutely anyone in the way.

Boy hugged the box with love.

A.B. almost jumped out of his skin.

Until today, he had no idea how the boy was able to catch it.

The parent was asked to help with “rescuing the lovely flyer”, which was done but after everyone was showed the amazing, cute little bug.

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