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(Not) a Group Challenge

Sometimes things don’t go as you planned.

With a group of kids of the adventure session we just emerged from the hiking trail. There are some steep steps going down from the river so our group spread a little, as the faster kids and their parents waited in front of us and some more careful hikers were taking the steps slowly.

Finally, we connected the rear and the front of our group again.

Instructor A. B. took out his hand-drawn pirate map. Most of the kids put their heads together above it to find the next goal. Except for one.

A. B. look down at the kids and said: “And now! Are you all ready for a new challenge?!”

The kids screaming happily in answer.

“This is a challenge for the entire group!” A. B. continued. “As you cannot deal it by yourself!”

And with that words he turned around and pointed to a big wooden wall, an obstacle standing in the way. Obviously, the kids were supposed to help each other over it, as it was quite tall.

Except, it was even taller now because one kid was sitting on the top and cheerfully swinging his legs while he was looking down on us, big smile from ear to ear.

A. B. slowly dropped his hand.

And the rest of us dropped too, laughing.

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