Wild Weekend Adventures

Pirates! Dragons! Wild Things! And Knights & Princesses!

Age: 4-7 years old

Time: 10 am to 13.00 pm or 13.30 pm to 16.30 pm

3 hour session for 600 HKD

Pirates (September 19th)

Ahoy me hearties! We are in need of a brave crew to sail the seven seas and find the buried treasure. Pirate cadets will need to complete a pirate training course and build a pirate ship before searching for treasure in the jungles of Treasure Island. 

Places are limited for this swashbuckling adventure so sign up now!

Dragons (September 26th)

Have you always wanted a pet dragon but mum and dad said no? Now’s your chance to find one in the wild and tame it! We will mix up some magical potions to lure the dragons out of their hiding places and learn how to track them in the jungle. Then we’ll invite them to our campfire so they can help us toast some marshmallows!

Wild Things (October 2nd)

Do you believe in magic? The wild things are shy creatures who live all around us and can only be spotted by true believers. This magical adventure will give us a glimpse into their world as we track dragons, brew magic potions, build fairy houses and unlock the power of nature.

Knights & Princesses (October 3rd)

Calling all brave knights and fearless princesses! You have been called upon to defend the castle from menacing dragons! This epic adventure takes us back to medieval times when dragons roamed the land and battles were fought with catapults and archery.

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures!

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