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Holiday Activity With Children: The Christmas Apple

Looking for some easy and calm holidays activity with your children? Try this Clove Apple! Even small hands can do this and your home will smell like Christmas!

You will need an apple, not too hard so that your child can actually pierce the apple’s peel. Next, you will need some whole cloves. It is not that easy to find them in Hong Kong, although in different parts of the world there are a regular part of pre-holidays crafts classes. Do not worry, you may leave the cloves out altogether if you cannot find them, and instead get some dried raisins. You may add more kinds of dried fruit too, to make it nice! And you will need some toothpicks.

  • Apple

  • Toothpicks

  • Clove

  • and/or raisins and other dried fruit

No limitation to the creativity now! Take a clove and stick it on the apple, piercing the skin, and piece by piece you can place them around the apple or make any other fun ornaments. The same goes for the raisins, pierce the apple with a piece of the toothpick with a raisin on it - you do not need to use the entire toothpick. Break them into pieces or cut them for your children.

A pro tip! You may stick some empty toothpicks on the bottom of the apple too to create a tripod so the apple stands nicely.

To finish up, add a big red ribbon!

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