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Little Forest Scientists

Age : 4-8 years old (Please note no adult accompanied)

Price : $380 / 1.5 hours session each kid

Location: Tai Shui Hang Campus (12D Tai Shui Hang North Road,Tai Shui Hang, Hong Kong)

Please note there's no transportation for this program, please meet us directly at our Campus.


Forest play is more enjoyable with a little learning along the way. 

It's time to let your little ones discover and learn about their natural environment, and its four elements: Earth, Water, Air, & Fire. Join this outdoor science-themed program, packed with awesome experiments as we create, search, & play around our Earth's beautiful elements.


Each day’s program will consist of activities themed around that day’s element:



Let’s rock! Come and join us for an awesome class filled with sand, soil, and sun!

Possible Earth Activities: Planting, Wormery, Terrarium, Bug Hotel, Rock Play, Cave Painting,

Treasure Hunt, Nature Weaving, Forest Painting, Island Making, Toys.


April 23 ( 10am-11:30am / 11:30am-1pm / 1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm )

April 25  (1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm ) 



Get ready to get wet! Let your creativity flow as wild as the river!

Possible Water Activities: Bottle Rockets, Water Filter, Bubble Snakes, Making a River, Natural Boat Race, Water Pipes, Whirlpool-in-a-Bottle, Frozen Water, Bath bombs, Lava Lamps


April 30 (10am-11:30am / 11:30am-1pm / 1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm)

April 27  (1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm) 

May 7 (10am-11:30am / 12:30am-2pm / 2:30pm-4pm)



Build a shelter, make a campsite! Let’s play with fire, the safe way!

Possible Fire Activities: Campfire Basics, Baking Soda Volcano, Candle-Making


May 1 (10am-11:30am / 11:30am-1pm / 1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm)

May 2 (10am-11:30am / 11:30am-1pm / 1:30pm-3pm / 3pm- 4:30pm)


Come fly with us! Learn to enjoy the breeze in new and innovative ways!

Possible Air Activities: Wind Catcher, Balloon Powered Boat/Balloon Rocket Car, Kites


May 8 (10am-11:30am / 12:30am-2pm / 2:30pm-4pm)

May 9 (10am-11:30am / 12:30am-2pm / 2:30pm-4pm)

*Depending on the weather, 'water play' will be incorporated into the activities as much as possible*

If you cannot see your selected session in the booking system, it means the session is full.

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