2020 Half Day Junior Camps

Price HKD $1200

Ages 2 - 4 years

Thu – Fri / 10am-1pm

Location: Tai Shui Hang Campus


Sticks and Stones
This is the half day program that started it all!  Five years ago, we began taking toddlers to play outside!  The children will be doing everything from exploring colors and new textures, playing with giant bubbles and frozen dinosaur eggs!  Surrounded by the birds singing, and quiet water - this is the perfect place for little ones and their parents to get grounded and enjoy Mother Nature!


*Each child below 4yo must be accompanied by one caregiver only

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Let’s grab our magnifying glasses and head into the forest! We will uncover lots of fascinating little creatures, learn how they help us and do something to help them in return!

Q. What activities will be involved in the camp?

A. We are a play-based, child-led program. All our activities and plans for the camp revolve around that core value. In saying that we can tell you that because it is early autumn, that every camp (weather permitting) will be engaged in water play and outdoor adventuring. Added to that are the activities that we will initiate with the children, but that the children will expand on, that are centred around the theme of the camp. 

Q. Where is the location of the Camp?

A. We use the latest weather prediction to choose a location for our camps. Therefore we need to wait until a prediction is available before making that decision. We will email the camp registered participants the camp location when we know it. 

Q. Can I accompany my child?

A. Children under the age of 4 need to be accompanied by a caregiver. If your child is older then 4, we ask if you can entrust them to us, as they generally engage more with the entire group, when they do not have a parent/helper around. However, if your child needs you to join him/her on the camp, that is alright. We ask that you can pay HKD100, per day, to cover transport.


Q. Must I prepare lunch for my child to bring with?

A. Yes, as well as a small snack and drink. 

Q. What is the difference between a Forest Camp and a HANDS Camp?

A. Forest Camps, are where we go to locations within HK's multitude of country parks and some even private country areas. We explore, engage in free play around our camp theme, learn about the forest we are in and grow in confidence in water play. 



Hooray for Birds

Can you stand on one leg like a flamingo? Or waddle like a penguin? Get ready to fly along with us as we meet all sorts of wild and wonderful birds! 

Underwater adventure

Put on your swimsuit and goggles and join us on an underwater adventure! We will discover all kinds of strange and wonderful sea creatures. Let’s just hope we don’t run into any sharks! Put on your swimsuit and goggles and join us on an underwater adventure! We will discover all kinds of strange and wonderful sea creatures. Let’s just hope we don’t run into any sharks! 

Little Monster Bash

Not all monsters are scary! Come and join us to search for some Rock-Monsters in the forest! Let's follow their trail of slime and listen for their Monster-Songs. In the forest little monsters multiply all the time - come help us find them and catch them!

How to tame your Pet Dragon

Pet dragons are fantastic pals! They keep everything really toasty and warm! However, they can get in a spot of trouble if you don't have them tamed to live a life in the city! Imagine a dragon on the MTR... or in your school bag! Come join us as we embark on an imaginative tale within the forest.

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