Less is more

November 26, 2017

"We enrol them in endless activities. Soccer. Music. Martial arts. Gymnastics. Ballet. We schedule play dates with precision. And we fill every space in their rooms with educational books, devices and toys. The average western child has in excess of 150 toys each and receives an additional 70 toys per year. With so much stuff children become blinded and overwhelmed with choice.They play superficially rather than becoming immersed deeply and lost in their wild imaginations.Simplicity Parenting encourages parents to keep fewer toys so children can engage more deeply with the ones they have. Payne describes the four pillars of excess as having too much stuff, too many choices, too much information and too much speed."


The above excerpt is from an article written on Raisedgood.com, titled "SIMPLIFYING CHILDHOOD MAY PROTECT AGAINST MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES"


As Christmas races nearer, this article couldn't have come sooner across my path. Christmas epitomises "Too Much" to me. Too much food, too much pressure, too many gifts, too many expectations. And this is just one seasonal celebration. 


What about the daily pressure that our civilised society places on itself. What about the pressure of expectation that we place on our children? Behave, be quiet, sit still, don't wriggle, listen, eat... the list goes on. Obviously we can't relinquish all boundaries and goals from our children, but we can lessen the pressure. We can let them be children, and let them play and explore. We can expect them to be children and not adults. 


What will happen if we just take away the noise of pressure and stuff, and let them have the freedom to be? Perhaps more inventors and inspiring leaders will arise in their generation. 




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