Stop controlling learning

November 3, 2017

"Everywhere I look there’s themed worksheets and clever ideas for tricking your child into learning things you think they should learn with ‘fun’ activities. Firstly, we don’t need to make learning ‘fun’. Learning is fun. Children are born to learn and they love to learn. Everyone knows this. But when you start getting into the habit of trying to take over and control their learning it tends to lose its appeal. And then yeah, maybe you do have to trick them into it. It makes more sense to me not to get into that habit in the first place."


The above paragraph is an excerpt from a great article on, and a sentiment that we agree with whole heartedly. 


Rather let their in born curiosity emerge and take hold of their desire to understand, and then learning will happen at a speed that you could never recreate in them yourself. Children were designed to be curious, and to absorb information, think creatively, innovate and play apart in how the world around them works. When we force learning on them, what we actively do, is squash their natural interest in learning. Which makes teaching them and encouraging their learning in the future, incredibly difficult. 


Take your hands off. Simply immerse them in environments where they are challenged, where there are many problems to be solved, and many loose parts to be used in solving the problems. What you will see, will take your breathe away. You will see unhindered brilliance and ability. 



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