Bamboo Scaffolding Playground

March 20, 2016

Is it a fort, a shipwreck or something from a Star Wars movie?  No it’s our very own Bamboo Scaffolding Playground.  You know you have fallen in love with Hong Kong, when you start dreaming of building playgrounds with Bamboo. :)


These last few weeks, I  have been very busy building our own Bamboo Scaffolding Climbing Frame. I absolutely love working with bamboo, it’s my favorite building material in the world. Bamboo is a type of grass, a delicacy for pandas and it is the perfect material for playgrounds! With over 60 different species, Hong Kong has no shortage of it.  It is lighter and stronger than wood, brick or concrete and it rivals steel in a strength test. Bamboo is incredible. 


I have wanted to build a structure in the Dungeon, that would slow the kids down as they enter the space.  Something the kids can climb on, explore, interact with and even defend with water balloons.  At HK Forest Adventures, we embrace risky-play, therefore I wanted to create something that would be challenging but safe, scary but build self confidence all at the same time.  


The Bamboo playground hopefully will become a space where the kids can use their imagination, where they can hoist a flag, build a bridge or cover the whole structure in toilet paper!  


It has been interesting to see the structure evolve as the children play on the Bamboo Scaffolding Climbing Frame.  In the beginning the gaps were too big and too high, so I changed that.  What is nice about it, is that it is not permanent and in a few months time we can take it down and build something else completely differently.


It’s almost finished and I cannot wait to watch the kids play, discover, explore and learn.  So come along and join us.      

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