Summer Forest Camp

Price HKD $2400 or 10% Early Bird $2160 (before 17 Apr 21:00)

Ages 3 - 9 years

Mon – Wed




Our Forest Camps are the highlight for many children each holiday and this SUMMER or Forest Camps will not disappoint!  This year we will create our very own Sherwood Forest and relish in our own "Feast of Merry Men."

The children will dive deep into their imaginations as they enter the enchanted world of Robin Hood, jousting in the mud and hunting for gold in the most unexpected places.  We can't wait to make bow's and arrows and practice our "Prince of Thieving" skills, building traps, cooking on open fires and climbing trees!


This Camp is sure to inspire and create lasting memories for years to come.


We are also so excited to announce we will be running our Forest Camps in both the New Territories and on the Island side.

We will meet in Kowloon tong MTR exit D outside or Admiralty Station Exit A, Admiralty Centre outside at 9:45 for this adventure from which we take a private coach to our destinations.

*Please note that there are two difference group to difference location.

*Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.


Q. What activities will be involved in the camp?

A. We are a play based, child led program. All our activities and plans for the camp revolve around that core value. In saying that we can tell you that because it is early autumn, that every camp (weather permitting) will be engaged in water play and outdoor adventuring.Added to that are the activities that we will initiate with the children, but that the children will expand on, that are centered around the camps theme. 

Q. Where is the location of the Camp?

A. We use the latest weather prediction to choose a location for our camps. Therefore we need to wait until a prediction is available before making that decision. We will email the camp registered participants the camp location, when we know it. 

Q. Can I accompany my child?

A. Children under the age of 4 need to be accompanied by a care giver. If your child is older then 4, we ask if you can entrust them to us, as they generally engage more with the entire group, when they do not have a parent/helper around. However if your child needs you to join him/her on the camp, that is alright. We ask that you can pay HKD100, per day, to cover transport.


Q. Must I prepare a lunch for my child to bring with?

A. Yes, as well as a small snack and drink. 

Q. What is the difference between a Forest Camp and a HANDS Camp?

A. Forest Camps, are where we go to locations within HK's multitude of country parks and some even private country areas. We explore, engage in free play around our camp theme, learn about the forest we are in and  grow in confidence in water play. 


HANDS is an acronym for Helping A Neighbour Develop Skills. In the HANDS Camps we will be teaching specific skills to the children. These camps are aimed at ages 6 - 12. We will be using our campus in Tai Shui Hang for this, as it is where we have all our tools etc. The Hands camps will also have free play time, which will utilise all the play areas at our Tai Shui Hang Campus; the upper playground, The Dungeon, the stream and our Farm. 

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