Holiday Forest Camps

19 - 21 July Wednesday - Saturday

Special Forest Camp:  Jungle Book

Price HKD $2300

So many people have asked us to run another Jungle Book Camp.  This camp will run from Wednesday 19th July until Saturday July 21st

Description:  Come and join us for an amazing 3-day adventure in the “Jungles” of Hong Kong.  Come and discover the “man-cub” inside each of us, join us as we climb trees, make swings, build houses and swim in the Jungle!  


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.


Q. What activities will be involved in the camp?

A. We are a play based, child led program. All our activities and plans for the camp revolve around that core value. In saying that we can tell you that because it is early autumn, that every camp (weather permitting) will be engaged in water play and outdoor adventuring.Added to that are the activities that we will initiate with the children, but that the children will expand on, that are centred around the camps theme. 

Q. Where is the location of the Camp?

A. We use the latest weather prediction to choose a location for our camps. Therefore we need to wait until a prediction is available before making that decision. We will email the camp registered participants the camp location, when we know it. 

Q. Can I accompany my child?

A. Children under the age of 4 need to be accompanied by a care giver. If your child is older then 4, we ask if you can entrust them to us, as they generally engage more with the entire group, when they do not have a parent/helper around. However if your child needs you to join him/her on the camp, that is alright. We ask that you can pay HKD100, per day, to cover transport.


Q. Must I prepare a lunch for my child to bring with?

A. Yes, as well as a small snack and drink. 

Q. What is the difference between a Forest Camp and a HANDS Camp?

A. Forest Camps, are where we go to locations within HK's multitude of country parks and some even private country areas. We explore, engage in free play around our camp theme, learn about the forest we are in and  grow in confidence in water play. 


HANDS is an acronym for Helping A Neighbour Develop Skills. In the HANDS Camps we will be teaching specific skills to the children. These camps are aimed at ages 5 - 8. We will be using our campus in Tai Shui Hang for this, as it is where we have all our tools etc. The Hands camps will also have free play time, which will utilise all the play areas at our Tai Shui Hang Campus; the upper playground, The Dungeon, the stream and our Farm. 

26 - 28 July Thursday - Saturday

Forest Camp 2:  a Bug’s Life

Price HKD $2300


Description:  Did you know we have more than 1985 different species of BUGS in Hong Kong.  At HK Forest Adventures we love BUGS!!! Come and join us as we learn more about the amazing bugs that live in Hong Kong.  We will try to catch some of the 27 different kinds of ants, we will also learn about mudskippers and tiger beatles! Oh I can’t wait!


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

30 July - 1 August - Monday - Wednesday

Forest Camp 3:  Pirates and Mermaids

Price HKD $2300


Description: Aarrrrrrrrrhhhh … Come me maities!!!  Come and join us on a magical beach adventure, building boats, finding treasure and discovering mermaids!  Come and learn how beneath the dark mystery of the sea, an entire world of mermaids and mermen is ruled by a mighty sea king wielding a magical trident! With Pirates sailing the sea and mermaids watching over - this will be a awesome wet adventure!


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

2 August - 4 August - Thursday - Saturday

Forest Camp 4:  Summer Fiesta

Price HKD $2300


Description: If you love sand, the sun and the Sea - then this camp is for you!!!  We will be visiting some of the most wonderful and a little hidden beaches in Hong Kong.  Beach toys and kayaks, building sand castles and building rivers in the sand, this camp has never disappointed.  With hours of endless fun and exploration. Come and join us as we play in the surf, climb the rocks and pick up shells.


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

6 August - 8 August - Monday - Wednesday

Forest Camp 5:  Time Travelers

Price HKD $2300


Descriptions:  Have you ever wished you could go back in time - maybe to the time of the Dinosaurs?  Or imagined what it would be like to travel to the future? Well then this camp is for you - come join us as we travel back and forth in time!  I heard you will find dinosaurs frozen in ice and moon rocks made from marshmallows and rice-crispies? I heard you will travel on boats and rockets, I heard they have discovered a time-traveling-machine!!!  Don't miss this exciting adventure!


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

9 August - 11 August - Thursday - Saturday

Forest Camp 6:  Back to the Stone Age

Price HKD $2300


Description:  Come and join a scientist wannabe and an introverted genius that are stranded in 12,000 BC when their time machine leaves them behind. Now they must outwit not only the local cavemen but a saber-tooth tiger and other dangers. Come and learn and play on some of the most amazing rock-formations in the World!  Help us finish how this incredible adventure will end … will you be trapped in the Stone Age with sabretooth-tiger-worshipping cavemen or will you find the way back home?

*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

14 August - 15 August - Tuesday - Wednesday

Forest Camp 7:  Forest Rangers

HKD $1500 Original price


Description:  Come and join this two-day Forest Adventure!  As a Ranger it is your job to protect and preserve the animals in your Country Parks.  Come and learn about tiger-beetles, elephant-ear-plants and see if you can find a ruff-leave-stem-fig-tree!  All while chasing dragonflies, playing in the water and catching fish!

*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

16 August - 18 August - Thursday - Saturday

Forest Camp 8:  Mixed up Fairy Tales.

Price HKD $2300


Descriptions:  Come and join us as we mix-up the Fairy Tales!!! :)  What if … if Goldilocks had two horrid stepsisters and fell asleep for a hundred years? Would she be woken by a hungry wolf or Little Red Riding Hood's Granny?  Come and help us create and tell new and interesting stories!!!


*Ages 3 to 8. Children under 4 must be accompanied by a caregiver.

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