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Unstructured, imaginative play 

Age: 2-8 years old

10am to 1pm or 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Our adventures are SUPER POPULAR!

So to avoid disappointment, sign up today

The Adventure Playground is designed to be a place where kids get dirty and figure this out on their own. Unstructured, imaginative play at its best. The playground encourages kids to play, take risks, and explore away from their parents. Parents stay on the sidelines, and they trust in their kids' abilities and respect their kids' desires. It's a place where kids confidence grows and imagination flourish. 

Location: Tai Shui Hang 

Cost: HKD 600/session. 


We will only accept 12-18 children per session.

Each class has a few English speaking and Cantonese speaking teachers. 

The more risks you allow your children,

the better they look after themselves.

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